Snowdrop flower
42.2 Mpx
400 mm

Snowdrop flower

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This is a 42 MPx photo of Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis), sometimes also referred to as white snowdrop or early snowdrop, is a widely known spring plant of the amaryllid family.

The proclamation of spring is associated with this flower, it still appears when there is snow in the landscape. If you see this plant, it is said that the spring weather is relatively close.

The snowdrop is 15 - 20 cm high. Like other types of snowdrops, it has onion, 2 to 3 simple, narrow, sessile leaves with parallel veins, bisexual flowers, and below them 2 bracts, which are completely fused and form a quiver.

This plant was photographed in a gardening colony over a fence using a long focus of 400mm. So the fence is not visible at all, it only gently protrudes in the bokeh.

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