Jarohnevice pond
42.2 Mpx
28 mm

Jarohnevice pond

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This is 42MPx photo of Jarohněvický rybník (Jarohněvice pond) located at Mutěnice Wine Trail in the Czech Republic.

For several centuries, this inconspicuous gem has spread beyond the town of Dubňany. It has a calming effect on visitors. With an area of fewer than 100 hectares, it ranks among the largest water area in Hodonín district. Somewhere below its surface, there are flooded shafts, remnants of mining activities in the area. The pond is also a famous bird area and we can see whole flocks of different species of birds.

At the outlet of the pond, there is an interesting tree without leaves. Together with the surface of the pond and the blue sky, it forms a nice composition.

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