Neowise comet
42.2 Mpx
85 mm

Neowise comet

Raw photo is no longer available (this offer ended 26.07.2020)

The photo can be used for commercial purposes.

This is a 42 Mpx photo of Neowise comet (C/2020 F3) photographed near the lookout tower 'Vysoka' in Miskovice, the Czech Republic.

The comet surprised with its good visibility and typical tail, formed by dust and gases released from its surface by the heat of the sun. Our future generations will be able to observe it again in 8 788 (after 6 768 year).

At the time of the photoshoot, there were many clouds in the sky and the comet was not visible at all at first, after the clouds flew away it was already possible to take a picture of the comet using a higher ISO, slightly higher exposure and tripod.

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