Hovawart puppy
37.5 Mpx
85 mm

Hovawart puppy

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This is a 42MPx photo of a purebred Hovawart puppy named Izidor. At the time of photography the puppy was approximately 2 months old.

The naming Hovawart was a combination of 2 German words - "hof" (courtyard) + "warten" (watch). By nature, these are friendly and active dogs with talents for babysitting. They are tolerant of children and are also suitable for various types of training: for example, rescue or pastoral training. It is also suitable for various dog sports, such as agility, dog dancing, or flyball.

Hovawarts were created by crossing Bernese mountain dogs, landseers, kuvasz and other long-haired breeds. Since 1937 they have been recognized by the International Cynological Federation.

We managed to capture the dog while running with the help of high shutter speed and AF-C mode focus on the camera Sony A7RIII with Sony FE 85mm "on full hole".

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