Charles Crown Castle
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Charles Crown Castle

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The photo shows the castle Karlova Koruna (Charles Crown in English) which is situated in the town Chlumec nad Cidlinou in the Czech Republic.

This castle is one of the most famous Baroque castles of the Czech Republic. It was built based on the plans of Jan Santini Achel who was one of the most popular baroque architects. It originates from 1721-1723 and it served as the summer seat of Frantisek Ferdinand Kinsky in honor of the coronation of Charles VI. King of Bohemia, therefore its name became "Charles Crown" to commemorate this occasion.

If you visit the castle, you can also enjoy a nice walk in a huge garden with trees, flowers, pond and you will also meet some peacocks.

This photo was not taken from the main gate of the castle, but from the other side.

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