Canary Wharf at night
42.2 Mpx
28 mm

Canary Wharf at night

Raw photo is no longer available (this offer ended 09.12.2018)

The photo can be used for commercial purposes.

This is the night photo of London, the capital city of the United Kingdom. In the picture, you can see a district called Canary Wharf. This part of the city is full of skyscrapers, administrative buildings, offices, banks, and shopping centers. We took this shot by the long exposure doing an easy trick that we used the railing on the opposite bank of the Thames River. Thanks to the night exposure, the water mirrors very nicely the illuminative skyscrapers in a variety of colors that make an interesting impression of the whole picture. This is a high definition picture of 42 Mpx so you can also zoom it or snip a part of it.

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