German Shepherd dog Ronny
42.2 Mpx
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German Shepherd dog Ronny

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This is the 42 Mpx high-resolution photo of Ronny, German Shepherd dog.

At the end of the 19th century, German shepherds began to be abundantly used by police, army and other armed forces as leading guards or investigators.

German Shepherd is known for its intelligence, talent for any training, devotion to its breeder, perseverance and exceptional popularity. It is a perfect dog companion for a family with small children as it is loyal, curious, fearless, lively and easily adaptable.

Males usually weigh 30-40 kg and reach heights up to 60-65cm. Females weigh 22-32 kg and reach heights up to 55-60 cm. German Shepherd lives to the age of 9-13.

If you download this photo in full quality resolution, you can zoom in on the eye of a wolfdog and see the reflection of the house he was looking at during the photo shot!

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